St. James Cathedral in Šibenik
19 Sep 2016

St. Jacob’ cathedral located in Šibenik is one of the premier examples of 15th and 16th century architecture in Croatia. Protected by UNESCO, it is a world heritage site. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that is […]

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Museums of Split
14 Sep 2016

As we love talking about art and finer things in life, it would be a shame not to take note of the museums we have here in our city, Split. While we do not have any world caliber […]

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The magic of Vis
29 Aug 2016

Vis is one of the most beautiful of the Croatian islands… For various reasons it was untouched for centuries, and retains a original natural look already lost on so many other islands… Let us move to photos […]

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Colors, colors!
17 Aug 2016

Colors of the Mediterranean is a large part of what makes summer to wonderful… But let us take a closer look at what each color means… So, we have purple, green, blue, white and black in various […]

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Island in the sun – Hvar!
11 Aug 2016

One of the absolute landmarks one has to see in Croatia is Hvar, known as the sunniest island on the Adriatic coast. We bring to you some of the most enchanting cities on the island… They are truly […]

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Find your luxury travel type!
16 Jun 2016

Travelers – as many types as there are people! Differences in the luxury travel one man prefers to the luxury travel another man prefers is huge. From the taste in music, through the taste in clothing, to the […]

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Perfect travel for every personality type!
1 Jun 2016

Since the ancient times, philosophers and other wise men have tried to categorize the human personality into distinct types. This popular division into 4 types is very, very old, dating from he Greek times, and has had […]

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5 delicious Mediterranean dishes
12 May 2016

On holiday in Croatia? Except doing beach related activities, most people like to eat some fine food. Our whole coast can boast an impressive cuisine, and here we give to you some of the original food eaten […]

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Flavors of Dalmatia and the Mediterannean
3 May 2016

We bring to you some of the herbs and plants easily found in Dalmatia, and thus the most of the Mediterranean. Some are imported from centuries back, some are truly of local origin, but all are tasty […]

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Three Hidden Gems of Split
20 Apr 2016

When coming to Split as a tourist, some landmark places must be visited – the Diocletian’s palace, the St. Duje Cathedral, Prokurative, Peristil and so on… What about the less known, secret, but still stunning landmarks only […]

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