Perfect travel for every personality type!
1 Jun 2016

Since the ancient times, philosophers and other wise men have tried to categorize the human personality into distinct types. This popular division into 4 types is very, very old, dating from he Greek times, and has had many variations as it developed through the ages, but remains basically the same as it did from it’s very beginning.


The elements are fire, water, air and earth.

We have already described travel personalities, but what if don’t know your travel personality that well? It takes many travel experiences to nail it down, and not all of us had the chance to analyse it.

On the other hand, everybody at least knows the personality type most prevalent in them. Choose your element and read on!



Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself.
Mark Twain 

Choleric personalities are very easy to distinguish. Passionate, wild and untamed, you are the fire incarnate – bold, always going forwards, breaking down barriers and paving the way for other, less determined people to follow into their footsteps. Great courage walks hand in hand with them. Fire is the first element, the one that gave the spark for further development and life. Great men brought fire to the human kind – and were often reprimanded for the act. Why? well, the power of fire can be as easily used as misused – great fire people are stunning, magnificent creatures who break down taboos and spin the world into further evolution, but they can also lapse into egoistical, angry, reckless and aggressive human beings.

PERFECT DESTINATION: Somewhere dry and humid, with plenty of excitement, and with somebody who can actually keep up with them – it is not an easy task to walk for miles after an ever energetic fire person. Fire people like new places, new cultures, luxury and first class service! Grandiose things, bustle and hustle are always a much needed bonused. Never mention a budget to a fire person, as it’s the easiest way to cut down on his endless enthusiasm.

WE RECOMMEND: Want something new, exciting and interesting! Why not to rafting on the Cetina river?




“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” 
― Kahlil GibranThe Prophet

Stable, is what earth people most are. No swinging moods nor quick changes for them, but good, long, thorough, well planned actions. With almost frightening single mindedness, they succeed where the impulsive fire people fail: to push things to the end. Melancholics strive towards calm, to assert a stable, secure, structured environment in which everything can function without a hitch.  Yet, after working hard, they play hard – they enjoy the fineties of life, and can be quite the hedonists. As creators, what they paint of the canvas of life is a work that is juicy, voluptuous, and prodigal, steaming with a renewn sense of living.

On the down side, they are people who love conformity and shy away from any kind of change, leaving them with quite a rigid, structured, almost automatic life. And often the high standards set for them is rubbed of others, causing frictions and extreme discomfort of dealing with them.

PERFECT DESTINATION: Earth people are very good traveling companions, as they take painstakingly detailed preparation steps and are very handy with maps due to their inborn geospatials skills. Never try and push an Earth person into something totally different or loosely planned. Extreme adventures are not their forte and they prefer familiar terrains. A must for Earth people is the local cuisine and beverages. As true “gluttons” and lovers of wine and other alcoholic drinks, experiencing fine dining is never to be missed.

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“Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind.
Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.
Suddenly, you know you are alive.” 
― Vera NazarianThe Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Like a femme fatale, the sanguine person will enchant you, envelop you in it’s irresistible allure, make your life, if for a moment, pure glamour, then vanish into thin air. Impossible to catch, constantly in motion and with an astounding mental ability of thinking almost as fast as the speed of light, Air people are liberals, open to change and progress, full of ideas and ideals. They are people of a poetic revolution, sublime and ethereal, weightless, out of this world. If they were a painting, they be allover composition, with bold diagonal thrusts, hot acid colors, street life bricolage with leap-off-the-canvas, signature bravura.

Yet, an air person can become a hopeless dreamer not rooted in reality, lost in his own make believe word. The illusion is so strong it can take over their whole existence – and all the astonishingly voluminous thoughts can be turned against the source they come from. That same hyperactive mind often causes endless worries and gives no peace to the thinker. Changing lanes every second minute leads to a shallow, hollow being that tried it all but never stayed to achieve true proficiency.

PERFECT DESTINATION: Air is a sign that never stands still and needs constant stimulation. As a result, they know where all the fun is, and are familiar faces at the hip and chic “places to be right now” – so a good chance is that an Air element has already visited many of the places on our list. As a result, they prefer dynamic, crowded cities to any natural surroundings. A special plus if the city of choice is not a well known tourist destination – the typical e run-of-the-mill places bore them to death.

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“The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.” 
― Isak DinesenSeven Gothic Tales

Emotion, emotion, emotion… That is the basic building block of all Water creatures. Connected to the world on a deeper level that forgoes the pure reason, their sense of compassion, sensitivity and empathy is very accentuated in daily life. They can seem almost magical due to their ability to pick up vibrations from people and understand things intuitively. Considerate and aiming to please, phlegmatics are popular with others and true friends loyal to the end.

Their sensitivity is a double edged blade – while giving them a great asset as to understand others, it can also bury them to the hilt. The inability to separate oneself from all the pain, sorrow and misery of those around them or the world in general, can harm the individual in question very much. They lapse into depressions easily and can become a burden to others.

PERFECT DESTINATION: Phlegmatics are not the number one travelers and never have been. They like their home, family and friends too much to even try and go somewhere else… But, then they do travel, it’s usually sedate, calm and joyful, preferably with a chance for personal self growth. They also enjoy traveling with their love interest perhaps more than the other types, so they are suckers for the typical romantic places.

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That’s it for the perfect travel destinations for all personality types, tune in soon for more!

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